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Experience the New G-scan 3

Built around an Android OS with an Octa-core 2.1 GHZ CPU, integrated with advanced diagnostic features and unparalleled functions, the G-scan3 Compact Kit will provide you with the ultimate user experience.

G-scan 3 Compact Kit

G-scan 3 Compact Kit 1

G-scan 3 Box

G-scan 3 Compact Kit 2

G3 Main Unit


Self Test Cable


Main DLC Cable

G-scan 3 Compact Kit 1
G-scan 3 Compact Kit 2

G-scan 3 Box

G3 Main Unit

Self Test Cable

Main DLC Cable

G-scan 3 Features


Higher Performance CPU

Equipped with a powerful Samsung’s Exynos 7420 Octa-core processor for an ideal management of workshop operations.


Smarter and Faster Operating System

Android 6.0 system provides improved user interface and experience for fast boot-up, multi-tasking, better networking and enhanced system security.


Capacitive Touch Screen on 10.1” LCD

User Interface through a capacitive touch screen technology provides the easiest and the most intuitive use of the diagnostic scan tools.


Extensive Storage Capability

Internal flash of 64GB accommodates applications and data for all brands with room to spare and the external memory up to 128GB extensive storage.


Powerful Oscilloscope

Measures the voltage or amperage signals of the vehicle’s sensors and actuator circuits to display these signals on the high resolution 4 trace scope


Pre & Post Diagnostic Report

Easily create a diagnostic report. Pre-scan report will highlight issues that vehicles have, the post-scan report will confirm that they have been resolved.


24V Commercial Vehicles

Designed to support the 24V commercial vehicles systems, make direct connection to the buses and trucks. (Not available for US and Canada).


Wireless Connectivity

Wi-Fi connection to the Internet allows for smart updates, quick feedback, TeamViewer support, wireless printing option, browsing and many more.


J2534 Pass-thru

Serves as a “Pass-thru” device for programming the ECUs on both Hyundai and Kia vehicles ( No domestic Korean vehicles, Only for U.S and Europe )


Rechargeable Battery

Equipped with a rechargeable 6300 Ah battery. Besides the possibility to use the G-scan without an external power supply for hours.

A Truly Accurate and Reliable Scan Tool You Can Trust

Slimmer, Faster, Smarter

Price: AED 6,200