Air Hose Reel AMT303010Q

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Air Hose Reel AMT303010Q?- Efficient Air Hose Management

Optimize your workspace with the AMT303010Q Air Hose Reel, designed to streamline air hose usage and storage for enhanced efficiency.


  • Hose Length: 10+1m/33ft
  • Hose Material: PVC PU
  • Case Material: PP
  • Working Pressure: 18 bar
  • Fitting: 1/4 BSPT, 1/4 NPT
  • Hose Size: 5/16
  • Gross Weight/Net Weight: 4.38/3.9 kgs
  • Package Size: 1 pc 295x165x330 mm

Ensure smooth air flow and effortless hose management with the AMT303010Q Air Hose Reel. Its durable construction and convenient design make it an essential addition to any workshop or garage.

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Air Hose Reel AMT303010Q?- Streamlined Air Hose Management

Upgrade your workspace organization with the AMT303010Q Air Hose Reel, a versatile solution designed to optimize air hose usage and storage for enhanced efficiency and convenience.

Air Hose Reel AMT303010Q Specifications:

Hose Length10+1m/33ft
Hose MaterialPVC PU
Case MaterialPP
Working Pressure18 bar
Fitting1/4 BSPT, 1/4 NPT
Hose Size5/16
Gross Weight/Net Weight4.38/3.9 kgs
Package Size1 pc 295x165x330 mm

Air Hose Reel AMT303010Q Features:

  1. Efficient Hose Management: The AMT303010Q Air Hose Reel enables efficient management of air hoses, reducing clutter and improving workspace organization.
  2. Generous Hose Length: With a length of 10+1m/33ft, this hose reel provides ample reach for various pneumatic applications, allowing flexibility in workspace layout.
  3. Durable Construction: Constructed from high-quality materials, including PVC PU for the hose and PP for the case, ensuring durability and longevity in demanding workshop environments.
  4. High Working Pressure: The reel is designed to withstand a working pressure of 18 bar, ensuring reliable performance even under high-pressure conditions.
  5. Versatile Fittings: Equipped with 1/4 BSPT and 1/4 NPT fittings, the hose reel offers compatibility with a wide range of pneumatic tools and equipment.
  6. Convenient Package Size: The compact package size of 295x165x330 mm makes storage and transportation convenient, allowing for easy handling and installation.

Enhance the efficiency and organization of your workspace with the AMT303010Q Air Hose Reel. With its durable construction, generous hose length, and versatile fittings, it’s the perfect solution for managing air hoses in any workshop or garage setting.

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