Paint Booth AMT 6002

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Spray Paint Booth Industrial Spray Booth – Precision Workspace with G20 Riello Burner, Electric Belimo Damper, Powerful Fans, and Philips LED Lighting – 7000mm x 5400mm x 3400mm

We provide the best Spray Paint Booth for automotive workshops. Contact us 800-AUTOMAX-2886629 to Setup an AMT 6002 Spray Paint Booth for you workshop.

  • Optimal Dimensions: 7000mm long, 5400mm wide, and 3400mm high.
  • Durable Doors: 3 main doors (3000x2650mm) and a service door (800x2000mm) for convenient access.
  • Safety Features: Complete steel assembly base, metal grills, anti-slip plates, and 2 driving ramps.
  • Efficient Burner: G20 Riello burner from Italy for precision and reliability.
  • Airflow Control: Electric Belimo damper and powerful intake (7.5KW) and exhaust (5.5KW) fans (24000m3/hr).
  • Illumination: Philips LED lights on the roof (32pcs*36w), sides (20pcs), and back (4pcs) for optimal visibility. Ceiling lights 4*8groups=32pcs LED tube; side lights 2*8groups=16pcs LED Tube
  • Sturdy Construction: 50mm EPS board, 0.426mm steel thickness, and Schneider control components.
  • Clean Air: CC-600G roof filter, inlet filter, and floor filter for a contaminant-free environment.
  • Versatile Ductwork: 3 straight pieces and one elbow (700x700x910) for standardized airflow.
  • Effective Fume Extraction: 3m chimney with 0.8mm zinc-plated steel construction.
  • Easy Accessibility: 1-meter ramps inside and outside for smooth entry and exit.

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Spray Paint Booth Industrial Spray Booth: Precision, Efficiency, and Safety in a Meticulously Crafted Workspace

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Paint Booth  Dimensions and Structure

Explore an industrial spray booth meticulously crafted for optimal functionality, boasting dimensions that redefine efficiency. Measuring an expansive 7000mm in length, 5400mm in width, and 3400mm in height, this booth is thoughtfully designed to accommodate diverse industrial needs. Equipped with three main doors, each generously sized at 3000x2650mm, and a service door measuring 650x1800mm, the booth ensures not only convenient access but also an efficient workflow. The service door boasts a complete steel assembly base, dual lines of metal grills, three lines of anti-slip metal plates, and two driving ramps, enhancing both safety and versatility.

Spray Paint Booth Operational Excellence

Powering this industrial marvel is the reliable G20 Riello burner from Italy, renowned for delivering precision and efficiency in industrial applications. The Electric Belimo damper, a product of Swiss engineering, seamlessly regulates airflow adjustments. Two powerful fans, featuring a 7.5KW centrifugal motor for intake and a 5.5KW counterpart for exhaust, collectively achieve an impressive airflow of 24000m3/hr, ensuring optimal ventilation for various industrial processes.

Spray Paint Booth Illumination Brilliance

Step into a brilliantly illuminated workspace with a sophisticated lighting system. Thirty-two Philips LED lights on the roof, complemented by 20 on the sides and an additional 4 at the back, ensure optimal visibility for meticulous tasks, setting the stage for precision and quality in every operation.

Paint Booth  Robust Construction and Voltage Precision

Built to withstand the demands of industrial operations, the booth’s robust construction adheres to voltage specifications of 380VAC, 50HZ. With a sturdy build featuring 50mm EPS board and 0.376mm steel thickness, this booth embodies durability, ensuring longevity and reliability in diverse working environments.

Paint Booth  Control System Innovation

The heart of this industrial spray booth lies in its innovative control system, equipped with Schneider brand components. Offering comprehensive functionality, including painting, warm painting, baking, time setting, lighting control, power switch, and an urgent stop feature, this system empowers operators with precise control over every aspect of the operation. The inclusion of CC-600G roof filter, inlet filter, and floor filter further ensures a clean and contaminant-free working environment, aligning with the highest industry standards.

Paint Booth  Ductwork Precision and Chimney Efficacy

The booth’s standardized ductwork, comprising three straight pieces and one elbow, each measuring 700x700x910, ensures a streamlined airflow critical for optimal performance. The 3-meter chimney, constructed with 0.8mm zinc-plated steel, stands tall to effectively extract fumes, maintaining a safe and healthy working environment.

Paint Booth Accessibility Redefined

Experience enhanced accessibility with a one-meter ramp inside and outside the booth, facilitating easy entry and exit. This thoughtful design element further contributes to the overall efficiency of the spray booth, making it an ideal workspace for a myriad of industrial applications.

In summary, this meticulously designed industrial spray booth seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology with robust construction, creating a reliable and efficient workspace for various applications, from painting to finishing. The detailed features outlined above underscore a commitment to precision, efficiency, and safety at every step of the industrial process, making it the optimal choice for industries demanding excellence

Remote Technical Support

backed by a reliable and accessible remote technical support system. This feature ensures that a team of dedicated experts is readily available to offer prompt assistance and guidance whenever any issues arise during the diagnostic process, fostering a seamless and hassle-free diagnostic experience.

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Automax Tools, with its highly-skilled production team & equipped with the most up-to-date production facility has gained confidence of customers all around the globe, enhancing their workshop capabilities. We believe in customer satisfaction and it has always been our priority.


Outside Dimensions7000mm long,5400mm wide,3400mm high
Main door3 pcs of 3000x2650mm
Service door650x1800mm. complete steel assembling base and support,2 lines of metal grills, 3lines of anti-slip metal plates  2 pieces of driving ramps
BurnerG20 Riello (Italy)
DamperElectric Belimo (Switzerland)
Intake Fan7.5KW, Centrifugal motor
Exhaust Fan5.5KW Centrifugal  motor
Air flow24000m3/hr
LightingRoof Philips LED lights 32pcs*36w, Sides Philips LED lights 20 pcs, Back Philips LED lights 4pcs.
Voltage380VAC,50HZ.50mm EPS board,0.376mm steel thickness
Control systemSchneider brand components, with painting, warm painting, baking, time setting,Lighting, power switch, urgent stop. With CC-600G roof filter, inlet filter and floor filter
DuctsStandard with 3pcs straight and one elbow, 700x700x910
Chimney3M height, with 0.8mm zinc plated steel
Ramp1 Meter Ramp inside and 1 Meter outside



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