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Start Booster P5 – Reliable Power Boosting Solution

Enhance your vehicle’s starting power with the Start Booster P5. This robust booster provides a reliable power source to kick-start your engine in any situation.

Start Booster P5 Specifications:

  • Voltage: 12V
  • Peak Amps: 850A
  • Charger: 12V
  • Input Voltage Parameters: 230-240V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Exciting Current (No Load): 50mA Max
  • Exciting Current (Full Load): 90mA Max
  • Output Voltage (DC): 12.0V 1.5Ah
  • Output Current: 4000 mA
  • Output Voltage (No Load DC): 14.9V

Ensure reliable engine starts with the Start Booster P5.

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Start Booster P5 – Power Up Your Engine

The Start Booster P5 is your reliable companion for boosting your vehicle’s starting power whenever you need it. Engineered to deliver consistent and efficient performance, this booster ensures that your engine starts smoothly, even in challenging conditions.

Start Booster P5 Key Features:

  1. High Peak Amps: With a peak amperage of 850A, the Start Booster P5 provides the necessary power to kick-start your engine swiftly and effectively.
  2. Versatile Charger: Equipped with a 12V charger, this booster is compatible with a wide range of vehicles, ensuring versatility and convenience.
  3. Stable Input Parameters: Operating within input voltage parameters of 230-240V and a frequency of 50 Hz, the Start Booster P5 maintains stable and reliable performance.
  4. Efficient Exciting Current: The booster’s exciting current remains low at 50mA with no load and increases to a maximum of 90mA under full load, ensuring efficient energy transfer.
  5. Output Voltage and Current: The booster delivers a consistent output voltage of 12.0V with a capacity of 1.5Ah, along with an output current of 4000 mA to power your vehicle’s electrical systems.
  6. No Load Output Voltage: Even under no load conditions, the booster provides a stable output voltage of 14.9V, ensuring optimal performance.


Peak Amps850A
Input Voltage Parameters230-240V
Frequency50 Hz
Exciting Current (No Load)50mA Max
Exciting Current (Full Load)90mA Max
Output Voltage (DC)12.0V 1.5Ah
Output Current4000 mA
Output Voltage (No Load DC)14.9V

Ensure your vehicle is always ready to start with the reliable and efficient Start Booster P5. Whether you’re facing a dead battery or need a quick jump-start, this booster is your trusted solution for powering up your engine.

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