Spray Paint Booth AMT-8002

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Spray Paint Booth AMT-8002– Complete Painting Solution Enhance your painting process with the AMT-8002 Spray Paint Booth, equipped with comprehensive accessories to facilitate efficient and high-quality painting jobs Transform your painting process with the AMT-8002 Spray Paint Booth. Ensure efficiency and precision in every paint job.

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 Spray Paint Booth AMT-8002– Complete Painting Solution

Upgrade your painting process with the AMT-8002 Spray Paint Booth, meticulously engineered to provide a comprehensive and efficient painting solution. This cutting-edge booth is equipped with advanced features and complete accessories to enhance the quality and precision of your painting projects.

Spray Paint Booth AMT-8002 Specifications:

Outside Dimension7000mm long, 5400mm wide, 3400mm high
Main Door3pcs of 3000X2700mm
Service Door800x2000mm comeplete steel assembling base and support , 3lines of metal grills, 2 lines of anti-slip metal plates 2 pieces of driving ramps
BurnerG20 Riello (Italy)
DamperElectric Belimo (Switzerland)
Intake Fan7.5KW Centrifugal motor
Exhaust Fan5.5KW Centrifugal motor
Air Flow2400m 3/hr
LightingRoof Philips LED Lights 40pcs x 36w, Sides Philips LED Lights 4pcs
Voltage380VAC, 50Hz 50mm EPS Board , 0376mm steel thickness
Control SystemSchneider brand components with painting warm painting, baking time setting, lighting, power switch, urgent stop with CC-600G roof filter, inlet filter, and floor filter
DuctsStandard with 4pcs straight and one elbow 700x700x910
Chimney3M height, with 0.8mm zinc-plated steel
Ramp1 Meter Ramp inside and 1 Meter outside

Spray Paint Booth AMT-8002 Accessories:

  • 3pcs of 3000x700mm
  • 800x1200mm complete steel assembling base and support
  • 31 lines of metal grills
  • 2 lines of anti-slip metal plates
  • 2 pieces of driving ramps

Spray Paint Booth AMT-8002 :

The AMT-8002 Spray Paint Booth revolutionizes your painting process, offering unparalleled efficiency and precision. With its spacious design and advanced features, including a G20 Riello burner and Electric Belimo damper, this booth ensures optimal paint application and drying.

Equipped with powerful intake and exhaust fans, the booth maintains consistent airflow, providing a clean and controlled environment for painting. The integrated Philips LED lights offer excellent visibility, while the Schneider control system allows for precise control over painting parameters.

Complete with accessories such as steel assembling base and support, metal grills, and driving ramps, the AMT-8002 Spray Paint Booth offers a comprehensive solution for all your painting needs. Experience unmatched quality and efficiency with this state-of-the-art painting booth.

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