AMT-GZ 8 Portable High Pressure Grease Injector

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AMT-GZ 8 Portable High Pressure Grease Injector – Super Power, Precision Manufacturing | Compression Ratio 50:1, Air Inlet Pressure 6-8 bar | Grease Delivery 0.85 L, Outlet Pressure 300-400 bar | Lightweight Design with Rack Wheels for Easy Movement | Durable and Safe for High-Pressure Working Conditions

  • Powerful Performance: Achieve superior pumping performance with a compression ratio of 50:1.
  • Optimal Air Operation: Operates efficiently with an air inlet pressure range of 6-8 bar.
  • Precise Grease Delivery: Deliver 0.85 L of grease with accuracy and control.
  • High Outlet Pressure: Generate a substantial outlet pressure ranging between 300-400 bar.
  • Portable Design: Easily move and transport with rack wheels, ensuring convenience in operation.
  • Labor-Saving Construction: Lightweight design for ease of use, reducing labor and effort.
  • Advanced Technology: Built with cutting-edge technology and top-quality materials for reliability.
  • Safety Assurance: Ensures durable and safe operation, especially under high-pressure working conditions.
  • Equipped with PTMP Head: Features a PTMP head for enhanced functionality.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for various high-pressure grease injection tasks.
  • Robust Build: Manufactured with precision and care, guaranteeing long-lasting performance.
  • Easy Handling: Designed for user-friendly operation and movement.
  • AMT Quality: A product from AMT, known for its commitment to excellence in manufacturing.

Specification Chart:

Compression Ratio50:1
Air Inlet Pressure6-8 bar
Grease Delivery0.85 L
Outlet Pressure300-400 bar
Hose Length70mm
Air Cylinder DiameterNot specified
Weight14 kg
Additional InformationPortable, Rack Wheels, PTMP Head


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AMT-GZ 8 Portable High Pressure Grease Injector Unlock Unrivaled Precision and Power

Portable High Pressure Grease Injector Elevate your industrial lubrication tasks to unprecedented heights with the AMT-GZ 8 Portable High-Pressure Grease Injector. Meticulously engineered for optimal performance, this grease injector stands out as a paragon of reliability and efficiency.

Powerful Performance, Unmatched Precision: Experience the supremacy of a 50:1 compression ratio, ensuring that each pump delivers a precise amount of grease with unparalleled accuracy. The AMT-GZ 8 is designed to meet the demands of high-pressure applications, making it an indispensable tool for industries that prioritize precision and efficiency.

Optimized Air Operation for Seamless Functionality: Operate seamlessly with an air inlet pressure ranging between 6-8 bar, providing the ideal conditions for the AMT-GZ 8 to showcase its prowess. This injector is not just a tool; it’s a testament to advanced engineering that guarantees optimal functionality in diverse working environments.

Grease Delivery Redefined: Empower your lubrication tasks with a grease delivery system capable of dispensing 0.85 L of lubricant, ensuring that each application is precise, controlled, and efficient. Say goodbye to wastage and hello to a streamlined, cost-effective lubrication process.

High Outlet Pressure for Versatile Applications: Take on a myriad of industrial tasks with an impressive outlet pressure range of 300-400 bar. Whether it’s heavy machinery, intricate components, or specialized equipment, the AMT-GZ 8 adapts to your lubrication needs with unparalleled flexibility.

Portability Redefined: Effortlessly navigate your workspace with the AMT-GZ 8, equipped with rack wheels that redefine portability. Move from one task to another with ease, eliminating downtime and maximizing productivity.

Labor-Saving, Lightweight Design: Designed with user convenience in mind, the lightweight construction of the AMT-GZ 8 minimizes labor and effort. Experience a tool that works with you, not against you, providing a seamless operation that enhances overall efficiency. with Portable High Pressure Grease Injector

Safety Assured Under Extreme Conditions: In high-pressure working conditions, reliability is paramount. The AMT-GZ 8 ensures not only durability but also safety, guaranteeing a secure operation even in the most challenging environments.

Equipped with PTMP Head for Enhanced Functionality: With the added feature of a PTMP head, the AMT-GZ 8 goes beyond expectations, offering enhanced functionality that sets it apart from conventional grease injectors.

AMT Quality You Can Trust: Crafted with advanced technology and super-class materials, the AMT-GZ 8 reflects the commitment to excellence that defines the AMT brand. Trust in a product that exceeds expectations, ensuring longevity and optimal performance.

Remote Technical Support

is backed by a reliable and accessible remote technical support system. This feature ensures that a team of dedicated experts is readily available to offer prompt assistance and guidance whenever any issues arise during the diagnostic process, fostering a seamless and hassle-free diagnostic experience.

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