Diagnostic Tool

Mid-Level Diagnostic Tool

Versatile mid-level diagnostic tool that can run most of the essential tests.


Professional Diagnostic Tool

TOPDON’s Integrated Diagnostic Tools are high-end diagnostic tablets with comprehensive features such as advanced coding and adaptation.


Key Programming Tool

TOPDON’s key programming tool for the automotive immobilizer system.

Topdon Key Programmer

Battery Tester

Tools can display the automotive battery status, easily and accurately identifying any issues in its starting and charging systems.
Topdon Battery Tester

Jump Starter

Tools that allow users to jumpstart batteries instantly, and conveniently charge their devices on the go.

Topdon Jump Starter


TOPDON’s DIY Tools are designed to provide the best diagnostic experience for DIY users and professional technicians.

Integrated Diagnostic Tool


phoenix remote

Get the Job Done at Any Time and from Anywhere

Instant Support From TOPDON Professionals

Access the Latest Protocols with the Remote

Cloud-Based Programming for 9+ Brands!

VAG Coverage

FCA Secure Gateway Access

Price: 9,200 AED



Cloud-Based Programming and Coding

Access the FCA Gateway to Work on the Most Modern Vehicles and Adjust Protected Functions

Big Display for Big Productivity

Compatible with Phoenix ADAS, BTMobile Pros, and T-Ninja Box.

Explore More Features On the Phoenix MAX

All-Day Battery Life

Price: 12,399 AED


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Broad Coverage And A Comprehensive Database

Programming Functions And Online Coding

Step-By-Step Guided Procedures

View All Fault Codes On One Screen

Access The FCA Gateway

ADAS Compatibility

Price: 8,200 AED