Click-Type Torque Wrench 1/2 JTC-1203

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Click torque wrench is used to tighten a bolt or nut that may require a specific amount of torque. The most common form of this is a socket wrench.

  • JTC Auto Tools torque wrenches are a reliable and accurate tool and are designed to assemble critical joints with a given fastening torque.
  • The keys are calibrated and tested to international standards.
  • The tool has high accuracy, factory calibration for operation within ± 4% tolerance of the set parameters (according to standard B107.14M. From 20% to 100% of the range of the tool).
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ItemDr.Range of TorqueLength
12011/4"2~24NM / 17.7~212.5 Inch275mm
12023/8"19~110NM / 14~81 FT/LB360mm
12031/2"28~210NM / 20.7~154.9 FT/LB465mm
12041/2"30~345NM / 22.1~254.4 FT/LB635mm
12053/4"65~415NM / 47.9~306.1 FT/LB670mm
12063/4"100~600 FT / LB / 13.8~82.8 KG/M1070mm

Important Tips

  • The torque wrench mechanism only works when tightening bolts and nuts with a right-hand thread.
  • In no case do not exceed the maximum moment for which the key is designed, this will damage its mechanism.
  • Torque wrenches should only be stored with a zero value set.
  • Protect the key housing from deformation and damage – this can lead to jamming of the internal mechanism and inaccurate readings.

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