Heavy Duty Long floor Jack AMT 830028

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Heavy Duty Long Floor Jack AMT 830028?

Professional Hydraulic Trolley Jack with 31m Size, Sue Designation, and 1295x1420x1240mm Dimensions

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Heavy Duty Long floor Jack AMT 830028 Product Description:

Product Code: AMT830028
Size: 31 meters
Identifier: 41151
Designation: Sue
Unit of Measurement: Millimeters (mm)


  • Length: 1295 mm
  • Width: 1420 mm
  • Height: 1240 mm

Weight: 189 kilograms

?Heavy Duty Long floor Jack AMT 830028 Detailed Description:

The AMT830028 product is a versatile item suitable for a variety of applications. With a length of 31 meters, it provides ample coverage for various tasks. Identified by the code 41151 and commonly referred to as “Sue”, this product is known for its reliability and durability. Measured in millimeters, its dimensions are as follows: a length of 1295 mm, a width of 1420 mm, and a height of 1240 mm. Despite its generous size, it maintains a manageable weight of 189 kilograms, making it easy to transport and handle. Whether for industrial or commercial use, Sue excels in delivering optimal performance and functionality.

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