AC Machine AMT-7430

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AC Machine AMT-7430 Automotive Servicing Machine

Fully Automatic Operation, Versatile Service Capabilities, LCD Display, Compatible with Gasoline/Diesel Cars, 220VAC Power Supply, 15kg Refrigerant Tank Capacity, 120 kg Weight

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AC Machine AMT-7430 Automotive Servicing Machine

Power Supply220VAC
DisplayLCD display
Vacuum AbilityNot specified
Filter1 Oil (Refrigerant tank)
DimensionsHxWxD = 1350mm x 610mm x 111mm
Vehicle CompatibleGasoline/Diesel cars
Power Consumption3/8HP
Recovery AbilityNot specified
Refrigerant Tank Capacity15kg
Weight120 kg

The AMT-7430 is an advanced automotive servicing machine designed to provide fully automatic operation with versatile service capabilities suitable for all vehicle types. Equipped with innovative features and robust functionalities, this machine ensures efficient maintenance operations, offering convenience and reliability to automotive service professionals.

AC Machine AMT-7430 Key Specifications:

AC Machine AMT-7430 Refrigerant:
The AMT-7430 operates with R134a refrigerant, ensuring compatibility with modern automotive cooling systems.

Power Supply:
With a power supply requirement of 220VAC, the machine can be easily integrated into various service environments.

Featuring a high-quality LCD display, the AMT-7430 offers clear visibility and intuitive interface for seamless operation.

AC Machine AMT-7430 Vacuum Ability:
While specific vacuum abilities are not detailed, the machine likely includes vacuum capabilities essential for certain automotive servicing tasks.

The equipment is equipped with one oil filter for efficient maintenance of the refrigerant tank, ensuring optimal performance.

The AMT-7430 is designed with dimensions of 1350mm (Height) x 610mm (Width) x 111mm (Depth), providing a compact footprint suitable for various workshop settings.

AC Machine AMT-7430 Vehicle Compatibility:
This machine is compatible with both gasoline and diesel cars, catering to a wide range of vehicles commonly serviced in automotive workshops.

Power Consumption:
With a power consumption rating of 3/8HP, the AMT-7430 balances performance and energy efficiency during operation.

Recovery Ability:
While specific details on recovery abilities are not provided, the machine is likely equipped with efficient recovery mechanisms to safely handle automotive refrigerants.

Refrigerant Tank Capacity:
Featuring a refrigerant tank capacity of 15kg, the machine ensures sufficient storage for servicing multiple vehicles without frequent refills.

With a weight of 120 kg, the AMT-7430 offers stability and durability while remaining portable enough for flexible placement within the workshop.


The AMT-7430 automotive servicing machine combines advanced technology, versatile capabilities, and user-friendly design to streamline maintenance operations for automotive professionals. Whether performing routine maintenance tasks such as oil and filter changes or conducting complex servicing procedures, this equipment offers reliability and efficiency, making it an essential asset in modern automotive workshops.

Remote Technical Support

backed by a reliable and accessible remote technical support system. This feature ensures that a team of dedicated experts is readily available to offer prompt assistance and guidance whenever any issues arise during the diagnostic process, fostering a seamless and hassle-free diagnostic experience.

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