AMT 201AG HVLP Spray Gun

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AMT 201AG HVLP Spray Gun – Precision Atomization Technology, Model AMV201AG – HVLP for Efficient Coating, Nozzle Range 3000-325m, 11.3mm Pattern Width, Recommended Air Inlet Pressure 1.8bar, 600ml Plastic Cup, Lightweight 16.4oz, Aluminum Body, Ideal for Professional Painting and DIY Projects.

  • Precision Atomization Technology: Experience superior coating with AMT ZOIAG HVLP Spray Gun.
  • Model AMV201AG – HVLP: High-performance spray gun designed for efficiency and precision.
  • Nozzle Range 3000-325m: Versatile nozzle options for various spraying needs.
  • 11.3mm Pattern Width: Achieve a consistent and wide coverage for optimal results.
  • Recommended Air Inlet Pressure 1.8bar: Ensures the right pressure for efficient spraying.
  • 600ml Plastic Cup: Convenient and ample capacity for your painting projects.
  • Lightweight Design (16.4oz): Comfortable handling for extended use without fatigue.
  • Durable Aluminum Body: Sturdy construction for long-lasting performance.
  • Ideal for Professional Painting and DIY Projects: Whether you’re a pro or a DIY enthusiast, achieve professional-quality results.
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain: Designed for hassle-free cleanup after use.
ModelAMV201AG – HVLP
Atomization TechnologyPrecision Atomization Technology
Nozzle Range3000-325m
Pattern Width11.3mm
Recommended Air Inlet Pressure1.8bar (26psi)
Air Consumption465 l/min
Air Inlet1/4″ PSI
Cup Capacity600ml Plastic
Weight (Gun Only)16.4oz
Body MaterialAluminum Die-casted
Air Cap MaterialSpecial Selected Brass
Needle/Fluid Tip MaterialHigh-Grade Stainless Steel
Atomization Technology TypeHVLP (High Volume Low Pressure)
Air Cap Size285-300μm (11-12in)
Fluid Tip Size2.0mm
Max Operating Pressure2.5psi
Operating Pressure Range30-50psi
Air Consumption Range350-400 l/min
Pattern Height290-310mm (11-12in)
Pattern Width111-122mm (4-5in)
Cup Pressure2bar (29psi)
Cup Air Inlet215 l/min
Cup Fluid Output9.7cfm
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AMT 201AG HVLP Spray Gun: Elevate Your Coating Experience

Unleash the power of precision with the AMT 201AG HVLP Spray Gun, a versatile and high-performance tool designed to redefine your coating applications. From its cutting-edge technology to user-friendly features, this device stands as a beacon of innovation in the world of spray guns.

Precision at Your Fingertips

Experience unparalleled precision with the AMT 201AG HVLP Spray Gun. Its advanced Precision Atomization Technology ensures that every coating is applied with finesse, whether you’re working on intricate details or covering expansive surfaces.

Model AMV201AG – HVLP: Unmatched Performance

The AMV201AG is more than just a spray gun; it’s a statement of high-performance engineering. Crafted to meet the demands of professionals and DIY enthusiasts, this model is your gateway to efficient and precise coating.

Versatile Nozzle Range for Every Project

The AMT 201AG boasts a versatile nozzle range, allowing you to tailor your spraying approach to the unique demands of each project. With a range from 3000-325m, this spray gun ensures flexibility in application, from fine detailing to broad coverage.

11.3mm Pattern Width: Consistency is Key

Achieve consistent coverage with the 11.3mm pattern width of the AMT 201AG HVLP Spray Gun. This feature guarantees that your coatings are not only precise but also efficient, making quick work of your projects.

Optimal Air Inlet Pressure for Peak Performance

Set at a recommended air inlet pressure of 1.8bar (26psi), the AMT 201AG ensures that you’re operating at the sweet spot for optimal performance. This calibrated pressure setting guarantees reliable results without compromise.

Convenient 600ml Plastic Cup for Extended Use

Equipped with a 600ml plastic cup, the AMT 201AG eliminates the hassle of constant refills, allowing you to focus on your craft. This ample capacity is particularly beneficial for larger projects, ensuring uninterrupted workflow.

Lightweight Design: Comfortable and Agile

Weighing in at just 16.4 ounces (gun only), the AMT 201AG features a lightweight design that prioritizes user comfort. Whether you’re a professional handling extensive projects or a DIY enthusiast working on home improvements, the ergonomic design ensures fatigue-free operation.

Durable Aluminum Body: Built to Last

Crafted with a durable aluminum die-casted body, the AMT 201AG is engineered for longevity. This robust construction not only enhances the lifespan of the spray gun but also contributes to its overall reliability in diverse working conditions.

Special Selected Brass Air Cap for Precision

The air cap of the AMT 201AG is meticulously crafted from special selected brass, adding a layer of refinement to its design. This careful selection ensures optimal performance, contributing to precise atomization and efficient coating.

High-Grade Stainless Steel Needle/Fluid Tip: Quality Assurance

The needle and fluid tip of the AMT 201AG are forged from high-grade stainless steel, ensuring durability and consistent results. The resistance to corrosion and wear guarantees reliable performance project after project.

HVLP Technology: Efficiency Redefined

Harnessing the power of High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) technology, the AMT 201AG optimizes air volume while minimizing pressure. This results in reduced overspray, improved transfer efficiency, and a finer finish—ideal for professionals seeking top-notch results.

Technical Specifications: A Comprehensive Overview

For those who appreciate the finer details, the technical specifications of the AMT 201AG provide a complete picture. From air cap size to fluid tip dimensions, operating pressures, and air consumption ranges, each aspect is meticulously designed to meet the diverse demands of various applications.

  • Atomization Technology Type: HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure)
  • Air Cap Size: 285-300μm (11-12in)
  • Fluid Tip Size: 2.0mm
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 2.5psi
  • Operating Pressure Range: 30-50psi
  • Air Consumption Range: 350-400 l/min
  • Pattern Height: 290-310mm (11-12in)
  • Pattern Width: 111-122mm (4-5in)
  • Cup Pressure: 2bar (29psi)
  • Cup Air Inlet: 215 l/min
  • Cup Fluid Output: 9.7cfm

Ideal for Professionals and DIY Enthusiasts Alike

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an enthusiastic DIYer, the AMT 201AG is tailored to meet your coating needs. From automotive refinishing to furniture restoration, this versatile tool ensures that every project is approached with precision and efficiency.

Easy Maintenance: Designed for Your Convenience

In addition to its outstanding performance, the AMT 201AG is designed with easy maintenance in mind. Cleaning and upkeep are straightforward processes, ensuring that the spray gun remains in optimal condition for the long haul.

Upgrade Your Coating Experience with AMT 201AG HVLP Spray Gun

In conclusion, the AMT 201AG HVLP Spray Gun is a testament to innovation and craftsmanship in the realm of coating applications. From its Precision Atomization Technology to the durable construction and user-friendly features, this spray gun is a reliable companion for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Upgrade your coating experience and elevate the quality of your projects with the AMT 201AG HVLP Sp

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